Frequently Asked Questions

1. How useful is Oxos in cooking?

Vinegar has always been one of the most important household aids for the housewife for cooking meals. There are other additives that enhance the flavour of food such as salt and various spices. Using Oxos however, helps particularly, not only with the taste, but also with enhancing the flavour without camouflaging the taste and smells of the other ingredients, in the way that spices do. On the contrary it modifies and enhances the character of the tastes and flavours of the ingredients of the food. Thus it is particularly effective in cooking because of its full bodied flavour and soft taste, in contrast to industrial vinegars that are harsh to the taste and reek of acetic acid as a result of quick industrial processing. Nowadays vegetables and meat do not have the same flavours that they used to in the past, so adding good vinegar to the ingredients increases the quality and results of a gifted chef’s inspiration. Oxos, (Appellation by Tradition) has a wealth of aromas and mellow taste that enhances the possibilities of creating a memorable meal.

2. What is the relationship between quality vinegar and health?

Good vinegar does not have harmful side effects when used, like salt. On the contrary it contributes to good health because since ancient times it has been used for therapeutic purposes. Nowadays the benefits of using vinegar are being recognized. For example, in Japan there is a trend to use vinegar more and more in various dishes, desserts and especially refreshments. There is also a similar trend in the U.S.A. Recent research in Sweden shows that when food contains vinegar, feeling satiated occurs faster, and people also tend to eat less. The use of vinegar considerably reduces the amount of salt and thus decreases the danger of hypertension. Oxos has an additional advantage in that is produced with a prolonged fermentation and aging process. It is bottled without the yeast autolysis products being clarified and filtered. A range of products, with the above mentioned properties, are available on the market today and are advertised as maintaining good health. It has been proven that various beneficial substances can be absorbed into one’s body when they are taken in their natural forms rather than as artificial additives.

3. Why is quality vinegar more expensive in comparison with ordinary vinegar available on the market?

Quality vinegar such as Oxos is made in oak barrels over a long fermentation process. The vinegar is aged in oak and chestnut barrels over a five year period. This procedure involves cost. Moreover Oxos is made from grape must which condenses, and this process results in wastage, thus putting the expenditure up. Oxos follows a traditional Greek method of homemade vinegar based on modern knowledge. Oxos has all the characteristics of a product of name of origin and it is produced in the famous wine growing area of Zitsa and is made from local grape varieties in a traditional way.